Brighton Polygraph Examiner advises on False Allegations of Paedophilia

This enquiry came from someone who was horrified when he learned why he’d lost a regular babysitting gig. Our Brighton Polygraph Examiner advised him.

Q:  Will a lie detector test prove I’m not a paedophile?

As I write this I am both horrified and frightened. Every Valentine’s Day for the past 6 years I have looked after a friend’s two young boys while she and their dad go out.

This year I’ve been told I am not needed.  Initially I thought it was down to Covid-19 but since speaking to them last, I’ve heard rumours.

Another friend sent me a Facebook message telling me that this couple thinks I have sexually molested their children.  I’m also getting vile accusations and threats posted on Facebook and Twitter.

I am not a paedophile and would never harm a child.  Will a lie detector test help me disprove these false allegations against me?

I. C., Brighton

Response from Brighton Polygraph Examiner

This must be very distressing for you.  False allegations can have life changing consequences so it’s best to dispel them as quickly as possible. A lie detector test can help establish the truth.

Have you spoken directly to the couple for whom you babysit about this issue? It might be a good idea to call them to say you have heard the rumours. Assure them that they are not true. If you decide to take a test, you might want to tell them that you’ve booked one in order to prove your innocence. If you wish you can share the results of your polygraph examination with them.

There is, of course, the possibility that they really are staying in because of Covid-19 and may not have heard the rumours.

You should block people that are attacking you on social media and report them if you are being threatened.  We live in a country where everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.

However, one thing we would like you to note is that if you are found to be deceptive in the polygraph examination, we are duty bound to report these results to the relevant Police Authority.

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