Breaking of Lockdown rules exposed by Lie Detector Test in Warwick

When teenagers just won’t tell you the truth and risk is attached to what they are doing, as parents we have to do something.  One mother chose a lie detector test in Warwick to extract he truth from her son.

Kath’s Case

Archie had always loved a good party. At 19 he was always out with his friends and stayed out most nights. His mother, Kath, didn’t mind. He seemed to be a good boy and he was just having fun. Archie had a good job and since he was 18, had even helped his parents out with the bills so what did they have to complain about?

Lockdown parties

Kath had been reading in the local newspaper that there was a street not far from theirs where young people were breaking lockdown rules. She didn’t think much of it until Archie announced he wanted to go out one weekend. He claimed he was going out for a picnic with friends and as the restrictions had been eased, Kath thought no more of it. She warned him about social distancing and how to keep safe. His grandparents were in their 80’s and lived in the granny annex attached to the house, so she knew he would be sensible.

Archie hadn’t returned that night and she became worried. What if he’d been arrested for not obeying the lockdown rules or worse still, was in hospital. She rang round the hospitals but there was no sign of him. Just as she was going to call the police he walked through the door. Archie said he’d stayed at a friends and he knew he shouldn’t have, but he didn’t want to drive home so late at night. The picnic had overrun and he was worried about getting into trouble with the police, so had just stayed where he was.

Party bust up

Kath was scanning the local paper as she always did and saw that there had been a party in the woods the evening Archie had been missing. She questioned her son about it, reminding him of his elderly grandparents but he denied being so irresponsible. Archie went out again the following night. Kath tried to stop him but he said he was going for his exercise and how could she stop him doing that? He only usually went out for a run but was gone three hours this time. Kath asked him where he had been and he said he’s been alone exercising. The reports of the parties were coming in via the news and papers constantly. Kath knew Archie must be attending some of them.

Lie detector test in Warwick

She contacted us after his second all-nighter and booked a lie detector test in Warwick. Kath was genuinely worried about his safety and that of his grandparents. She also didn’t want him to get arrested or fined as so many of the youngsters on their estate already had. Archie agreed to take the polygraph examination. He’d watched all the shows and thought tests were staged. Could anyone really tell if you were lying when you answer confidently?

The results of the test revealed that Archie had not only attended the parties but was having a hand in organising them. Kath was disappointed in her once perfect son and although she can understand his need to socialise, can’t imagine why he’d put his family in danger. She has explained that while he is living under her roof, he needs to obey the rules or move out. Archie has started to behave, he never realised his mother was so worried about their safety that she would go to all the trouble of making him take a lie detector test in Warwick.

West Midlands Polygraph Service

We have resumed our West Midlands Polygraph Service following the easing of lockdown restrictions.  We encourage those seeking tests to have them administered at home when possible.  For this reason we have reduced the fee for residential tests to £395.00.  There is less risk in our examiner visiting you than if you have to travel to one of our offices.  You safety is important to us. To find out if you are eligible for a home test and what it entails, contact us.  Our free helpline is available on 07572 748364 if you would like to discuss your specific issue in detail