Bracknell Lie detector test used in charity fraud case

Jan 10, 2022

The case

A Bracknell lie detector test recently found a cousin guilty of fraud. Susan recently sponsored her cousin Hannah in a charity half marathon. However, weeks later Susan begins to suspect that Hannah lied about the charity event and instead kept the cash she had raised.

The beginning

Susan recalls how Hannah is always busy raising money and supporting local charities. She is a well-known “do-gooder” in the family and is always busy trying to help others. However, in November Hannah started to raise money for a half-marathon. Raising over £800 no one thought anything of the challenge. Hannah ran the London marathon before the pandemic hit, so everyone at her work and in her family was used to supporting her charitable efforts.

Suspicions start

December arrived and Hannah sadly lost her job. Hannah worked in hospitality, an industry that was badly hit by the pandemic. Her boss was sad to let her go but he had to close the bar that she organised events for. Hannah went for a cup of tea with Susan and broke down crying, saying she wasn’t sure how she could afford Christmas. Hannah was a single mum to Johnathan her little four-year-old boy. She jokingly said to Susan “Maybe I should just pocket the fund raiser cash instead”. Susan thought the comment was odd but understood Hannah was in a bad place, and just trying to make light of her situation. Susan offered to support Hannah financially through Christmas, and when she had another job she could slowly repay Susan. Hannah thanked Susan and said she would let her know but was hoping to find immediate work.

The evidence

Weeks later, Susan went over to check on Hannah at her house in Bracknell. She hadn’t heard much from Hannah so decided it was best to check in on her in person. When Hannah opened the door, she could see tonnes of parcels in the hallway from deliveries. Susan asked Hannah about the parcels and if she was ok financially, and Hannah simply said she had forgotten about some old savings account which had enough money in it to pay for Christmas. However, when Susan got her coat to leave, she saw the charity pot on the side was empty. Hannah liked to keep her sponsorship form and any case in a large pot she kept on her side table, nice and safe.

What to do?

Susan spoke to her Mum about the concerns with Hannah. Susan’s Mum told her it was probably nothing but why didn’t she look at Hannah taking a lie detector test if she kept dismissing any accusations. Susan wasn’t sure so decided to do her own research online. After reading about polygraph testing, she decided that a test might be the wakeup call that Hannah needed. She knew Hannah was struggling financially but it wasn’t fair to steal the money she had raised for charity. She saw there was a local lie detector office in Bracknelll so decided to ring and book.

The test

After booking the test in Bracknell with Hannah’s consent, the pair turned up to our Bracknell office. Hannah sadly failed the test and asked to speak to Susan straight after. She explained to Susan that she had used the charity money to help her pay for Christmas. She said she was going to get a job and pay the money back as the run was still three months away. Susan told Hannah she would pay the money back into the charity pot so that Hannah owed her and not a charity she had stolen from. Hannah thanked Susan and apologised for her actions but said she had panicked and felt too proud to ask for help. The pair are now looking forward to a new year without the lies and doubt.

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