Bournemouth Lie Detector Test

Mar 22, 2019

Follow up Bournemouth Lie Detector Test for Addiction

Katie had used our Bournemouth Lie Detector Test Service previously.  Her husband Jared had drug addiction problems and we helped her to identify them and seek some counselling. Jared completed a 28 day residential rehab and had returned home upbeat and totally clean. Heroin and Crack Cocaine had nearly ruined their lives but our polygraph services had helped to give the couple a second chance.

Katie and Jared’s follow up case

Life had been good for a while. Jared had stopped hanging around with the crowd that influenced his drug taking and stayed home. But Katie could see he was getting fidgety and restless and was worried he may go back to his old ways. She’d kept her eye on him and rarely let him leave the house alone. Jared couldn’t be trusted yet.  When he said he was going to the shops round the corner and didn’t return for over an hour she became more suspicious.

Where was he hiding?

As usual, Jared had been gone for over an hour. Katie walked to the shops but there was no sign of him. She checked the pub and also knocked on the neighbour’s door to see if they’d seen him. Nobody had and Katie soon realised she had to know if he’d relapsed so she got in touch with us again to book another Bournemouth lie detector test.

When Jared returned home he seemed his usual self.  He didn’t appear to be on drugs or even slightly drunk. Katie knew he was good at hiding things. She told him that she had arranged for our polygraph examiner to visit the following Friday afternoon. Jared wasn’t surprised that she didn’t trust him in the light of all that had happened before.

He was happy to meet the same Bournemouth lie detector test examiner again who had helped him with his addiction problem. They chatted like they were old friends. Our examiner also felt for Jared, he’d seen the state he’d been in previously and was impressed by the look of him now. Jared was healthy, he’d put on some weight and was generally a lot happier.

Bournemouth lie detector test results

The results of the test revealed that Jared wasn’t taking drugs anymore. Although Katie was relieved, she felt sorry she’d smothered him so much that he felt he had to run away from her to get some alone time. Although he completely understood her paranoia, he still needed some time to himself. He’d say he was going to the shop but instead go for a long walk to the park or the local common. He loved Katie but being together all day every day was making him think about returning to drugs. The Bournemouth lie detector test not only helped to stop this but helped Jared and Katie get back on track with their relationship.

Is something making you worry? Do you believe someone close isn’t telling you the truth? If you’d like to discuss or order a Bournemouth Lie Detector Test for any reason, please call or confidential and free helpline on 0800 368 827. If you prefer, you can make a reservation using our secure online booking system. Our service is nationwide so you can choose from many locations.

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