Having planned a holiday together with her best friend Kirsty, our client worried that all was not as it should be.  She ordered a Bolton lie detector test to find out what was wrong.

Claire’s case

Claire and Kirsty planned a holiday for next summer.  Both were 21 and wanted to go travelling before it was too late. They had been at university for a few years and decided it would be great to have a gap year in Australia. The flights alone cost £1600 and that didn’t include accommodation. Claire gave her flight money to Kirsty for her to put the deposit down a few weeks ago but she doesn’t have any paperwork to prove that Kirsty actually did this.

They had both saved for months to get the money together as neither one of them is particularly well off. The issue for Claire was that she never saw Kirsty’s money. Kirsty told Claire she was going to get it out of the bank on her way to the travel agency.  From the day Kirsty said that, she stopped answering Claire’s calls and whenever Claire saw her she seemed very distant.

Claire asked for the details of the travel agency so she could pay them some money for the other things they’ll need. But Kirsty said it’s a new online agency she found details of at the bank and she couldn’t remember the name of it. She promised to call Claire with the details but never did.

The fact that Kirsty said the agency was online worried Claire because if that was the case, why would any money need to be drawn out of the bank?  Surely it would be paid to the agency with a card of bank transfer?

Bolton lie detector test

There are only a few more months left before they leave university and Claire felt they should start planning. Prior to the money changing hands the friends were inseparable.  Claire hated not trusting Kirsty but booked a Bolton lie detector test to try to get to the bottom of the matter. In the back of her mind Claire felt that Kirsty had spent the money on something else.  She was hurt that her friend wouldn’t admit she was short of cash since Claire would have found a way to make up the difference.

Kirsty willingly agreed to take the test which made Claire believe that perhaps she’d made a false accusation.  However, the truth of the matter was heart-breaking.

Polygraph results

The polygraph results showed that Kirsty had paid Claire’s money over to the travel agency but not her own. Kirsty’s mother was a drug addict and had stolen Kirsty’s holiday money.  The reason Kirsty hadn’t told Claire was that she was embarrassed by it.  She’d always kept her mother’s addiction a secret worried that it might reflect badly on her for some reason. Kirsty took the test because it was easier than telling her friend face to face.

Claire’s parents have provided the balance of the money required so that the friends can take their dream holiday.  They have also offered Kirsty a home when she comes back.

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