Black Friday Lie Detector Test Discounts for Specialised Issues

Nov 28, 2019

With Christmas just around the corner we are offering Black Friday lie detector test discounts so that everyone can have a happy festive season.

Mistrust and suspicion

Living with mistrust and suspicion is very difficult especially over time.  It causes tension and arguments sometimes on a daily basis.  This is particularly true when infidelity is suspected and work Christmas parties are coming up.  Our busiest time for infidelity lie detector tests is over the Christmas period.

Over the festive period families get together and there is nothing like mistrust of a family member to put a dampener on the proceedings.  Perhaps someone is suspected of cheating the family out of an inheritance or something has been stolen.

Infidelity lie detector tests

By far the fastest method to find out if a partner is cheating is the lie detector test. You’ll have the results within 24/48 hours. If the results come back with deception found it gives you a little time before Christmas to sort something out.  Should you discover your partner isn’t cheating, issues that made you suspicious can be discussed and resolved.

Black Friday lie detector test discounts apply when they are ordered between Friday 29 to Saturday 30 November 2019.

A single lie detector test is reduced to £495 including VAT irrespective of whether the test takes place in your own home or in one of our nationwide controlled offices.

Couples tests reduce to £595 including VAT provided they are conducted in your own home.  The discount does not apply if you want the tests administered in our offices.

Theft within the family

The same Black Friday lie detector test discounts apply to matters involving theft within the family.  One test will be reduced to £495 including VAT carried out at one of our offices or in the home.  If two people are to be tested the cost will reduce to £595 including VAT only if the tests are carried out in the home.

False accusations

When someone is falsely accused it can make life unbearable especially if those close to you don’t believe you.  Book a discounted lie detector test on Black Friday and you’ll be able to prove your innocence before the Christmas holidays.

If you know someone who is struggling because of false allegations, a great gift to give them is a polygraph examination.  Black Friday allows you to book a test at a reduced cost.  The fully analysed report and results will restore their confidence.

Black Friday lie detector test discounts

Lie Detector Test UK employs highly trained and APA (American Polygraph Association) accredited polygraph examiners.  They are all fully qualified forensic psychologists.  They work nationwide diligently revealing the truth. All results and reports are peer reviewed to ensure the optimum accuracy.

We conduct lie detector tests for any issue that requires the truth to be known.  Among the many specialised tests we offer are those for infidelity, theft within the family, false allegations, theft in the workplace, fraud and any form of sexual or domestic abuse.  This Black Friday we are offering discounts on infidelity, theft within the family and false allegations.

Discounts only apply between 29 and 30 November 2019.  You can book online 24/7 via our website using our secure reservation system.  Or call us on our free helpline (0800 368 8277) to discuss your specific requirements.  All calls will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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