Best Friend’s Lies prompt Request for Luton Lie Detector Test

Apr 8, 2020

Best Friend’s Lies prompt Request for Luton Lie Detector Test

Q:  Can I book a Luton lie detector test to find out if my best friend is lying to me about an important issue?

I’m writing as I want to know if a lie detector test can prove my best friend, Joel, is lying to me. He’s always stretched the truth somewhat but never anything that’s worth arguing about. I normally just let it go but this time it could cause problems between a few of our other friends.

Joel came to the pub just before the coronavirus lockdown to meet up with some of our friends.  One of them, Cain, has a new girlfriend who he introduced to us. Everyone seemed to be getting on well and I was really pleased for Cain. He hasn’t had a girlfriend in some time and is a bit of a geek. I’m not sure how he managed to get Sara to go out with him. We all joked he was punching well above his weight. To be honest she’s better looking than most women I’ve ever seen, she could have been a model for all I knew.

Joel seemed jealous of Cain’s new girlfriend and whilst we were out having a cigarette he told me he’d had sex with her. He said she was a “bunny boiler” and that we should both pull Cain aside and let him know. I don’t believe him but if it’s is true then Cain should know. If it isn’t true and I mention what’s been said, it could cause a lot of bad feeling.

Because of all the lies Joel has told me in the past, this time I want to know the truth of the matter before I take any action.  I can’t be friends with someone who would lie about something like this, just because he can’t get a girlfriend himself.

Can you help?

R B., Luton

Response from Luton Polygraph Examiner

Ordinarily we would be able to help but unfortunately our Greater London polygraph services are temporarily suspended while restrictions on movement apply due to the coronavirus.

However, when the restrictions are lifted you can book a Luton lie detector test for your friend.

Presumably you realise that by letting Joel get away with dishonesty unchallenged, he probably thinks you will believe him no matter what he says.  If you book a test perhaps you can establish not only the truth of this important issue but others that he may have lied about too.

Greater London polygraph services

If you would like further advice please contact us via our website.  We will let you know when we are able to administer tests in the Greater London area again.

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