Bedford Lie detector test reveals drug addiction

The case

A Bedford lie detector test recently revealed a drug addiction case. Molly came to us with concerns that her daughter Jenna has developed a drugs habit. The concerns started when Molly dropped out of university during her first year due to the pandemic.

The beginning

Molly was thrilled when her daughter Jenna got offered a place at Nottingham University to study English. However, only three months in, Jenna decided that University wasn’t for her. The pandemic hit and Jenna found herself being confined to university accommodation, and not living the carefree student life she had hoped for. Classes were done via zoom and Jenna decided she wanted to leave.

Suspicions start

Jenna immediately got a part time job working at her local supermarket. She stacked shelves on night shifts and was relieved that the job meant she could still afford to have her own life without asking her mum for money. Molly understood the pandemic had changed things for her daughter, so she was happy to have Jenna home until things blew over. Suspicions began when Jenna came home from her work with red and blurry eyes. Molly assumed it was due to working overnight and having a ruined sleep pattern, but then Jenna started to also act erratically. She started to become paranoid and would often come home to put her clothes straight in the wash, even though shed only worn them for one shift.

The evidence

One day when hanging out her uniform, Molly found cigarette ends and a pack of damaged Rizla papers. Molly asked Jenna if she had started smoking. Jenna shouted at Molly and said no, they were her friends from the last shift and she was keeping them safe in her pockets for her. Just two days later, Molly remembered hugging Jenna when she got home from work one morning, only to smell the faint smell of cannabis on her.

What to do?

Worried that Jenna had fallen in with the wrong crowd at work, Molly rang her sister Janet. Janet told Molly how she had taken her son to a lie detector test before. Molly wasn’t sure but decided to ring our free helpline and discuss the options and benefits of booking a lie detector test. Reassured that a test was the best first action to take, Molly spoke to Jenna that evening and told her why she wanted her to take the test.

The test

Jenna agreed to take the test as she said she didn’t want her mum worrying unnecessarily. A week later Jenna took the test and it showed she was lying. She confessed to our examiner that she had started smoking cannabis. Molly entered the examination room and the pair talked about the results. She told her mum how she had just started doing it to relax her anxiety over university and the pandemic. Molly suggested that Jenna went to counselling to see if that could relieve her instead of drugs. Jenna is now on the road to recovery and thanks Molly for taking her to do the test. She says without the lie detector test she wouldn’t have had the wakeup call she needed to get her life back on track.

If you suspect a loved one of taking drugs or becoming addicted to a substance, why not book your test online today. You can also call us on our free helpline on 07572 748364.