Basingstoke polygraph dismisses infidelity concerns

A Basingstoke polygraph test was used recently on a wife who was suspected of infidelity. Jake came to us when he suspected his wife of six years Christy, guilty of cheating on him when she went on a girl’s weekend trip to Amsterdam.

The case

Jake met Christy when the pair were just 17-years-old. Christy worked at a Chinese take away in Basingstoke and they needed a delivery driver. A few weeks after the job was advertised, Jake answered the advert and started immediately. The pair immediately hit it off and Jake took Christy for a roast dinner just a week later, asking her if she would be his girlfriend. Fast forward to the age of 25 and the pair became married.

Suspicion starts

Lockdown was hard on the couple and Christy lost her part time job working in a local shoe shop. Jake recalls how Christy wasn’t herself and became depressed without having a job. So, when the girls suggested a weekend trip to Amsterdam, Jake told Christy she should go and enjoy herself and he would pay for her. Christy was excited and couldn’t wait to go. However, the first night that Christy was away, Jake saw a video one of the girls had uploaded to her Instagram story. In the video he was sure he could see Christy in the background kissing a guy. The video was too quick for him to be sure but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had seen it.

The confrontation

Deciding it was best to question Christy when she got home, Jake decided not to text her whilst she was away. He didn’t want to cause arguments whilst she was meant to be enjoying herself, and he still couldn’t be sure. When Christy got home, he asked her if she had kissed a guy in the club and told her about the video he had seen. Christy denied kissing anyone, and said he must have been imagining it. Jake dismissed the video as he hasn’t been sure. However, the next day he thought he would make things up to Christy by doing a washing load. When he went to empty her suitcase, he found a small pack of condoms.

Time for a polygraph

Unsure as to why Christy had packed condoms, he confronted her again that evening. She got upset and said he had been deliberately looking through her things and that they didn’t belong to her. The couple argued and left feeling insecure and upset, Jake decided to google his options online for advice and help. He came across Lie Detector Test UK and found a blog about infidelity. The next day he rang our free helpline and discussed his case. He decided to book a test at our Basingstoke office. He told Christy that evening that he wanted her to take the test to ease his mind. She agreed and turned up to her test two days later.

The results

The results showed Christy wasn’t lying. She explained to Jake that she had never kissed or cheated on him with anyone. Jake apologised but asked her why she had the condoms in her case. Christy said that one of the girls asked her if she could take them home with her as she didn’t want her boyfriend realising, she had cheated on him. She was sorry she had made Jake feel insecure and admitted that she could understand why he was concerned. The couple are happy that the incident is now cleared up and that they can move on and continue being the childhood sweethearts that they have always been.

If you think your partner has cheated on you or want to prove to your partner that you are innocent then book your test online today. You can also call us on our free helpline on 07572 748364.