Basingstoke lie detector reveals drug addiction

A Basingstoke lie detector was recently requested by Hannah. Hannah was concerned that her girlfriend Isla had developed a drug addiction. Here is Hannah’s story and the outcome of Isla’s lie detector test.

The beginning

Hannah and Isla met during their second year of studying Drama at Basingstoke college. The pair immediately clicked and were a couple within three months of meeting. With only a year left of their studies, Hannah recalls how she remembers Isla becoming increasingly worried. She said that Isla struggles with exams and suffers from dyslexia, so often overthinks and becomes poorly during exams.

Suspicion starts

One day when cleaning Isla’s room to help her during her studying, Hannah came across a suspicious empty bag. She could tell the bag had contained some sort of powder substance, and immediately knew it had been drugs. Unsure why Isla was taking drugs, she decided not to jump to any conclusions. Hannah was aware that many of their friends took drugs and that Isla had been on a night out two days ago. She put the bag back in the jean pocket she found them in and decided it was best not to mention anything, even if she was concerned.


A week passed by and Hannah started to notice more and more of a change in Isla’s behaviour. Isla was becoming short tempered, fidgeting a lot and staying awake later and later. Hannah asked Isla what was wrong and told her about her concerns with her behaviour. Isla simply said she was acting out of character because of the stress of exams. However, Hannah couldn’t help shrugging the feeling that Isla was lying. She decided to tell her about the suspicious bag she found. Isla immediately stormed off in a temper and didn’t offer an explanation.

The Test

Hannah decided to research her options online for support and advice in regards to suspecting Isla had a drug addiction. She read about symptoms and signs of addicts and recognised a lot of them in Isla. Another website recommended a lie detector test as a “wake up call” to the addict. Hannah decided this was the route to go down first, so rang our helpline and booked a test at our Basingstoke office. The next day Hannah told Isla about the test. Isla said she had nothing to hide so she would happily take the test.

The results

The following week both Hannah and Isla turned up at our Basingstoke office. Isla took her polygraph test and the results showed she was lying. Hannah came in to talk to Isla about her results. Isla confessed that she had started to dabble in taking cocaine. She said at first, she thought it might help ease the stress. However, she them found she started to crave it because it helped her focus on studying. Isla said she knew it wasn’t healthy and she was going to seek help after exams. Hannah agreed she would support Isla when she was ready to get the professional help she needed. The pair thanks Lie Detector Test UK for their professional manner in handling their case, and for helping the couple start the path to a brighter future together.

If you suspect someone you know has a drug addiction then book your lie detector test online today. You can also call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for further advice and booking information.