Basildon Lie Detector Test dispels False Allegations of Paedophilia

Our clients’ lives were made an absolute misery when rumours circulated that one of them was a paedophile. They ordered a Basildon lie detector test to set the record straight.

Greg and Yvonne’s Case

It all started when Greg took his 6 year old daughter, Chelsea, to the local park. The family hadn’t long moved into the area and Chelsea was so excited about feeding the ducks. Having fed them, Chelsea got chatting to some other children and Greg kept a keen eye on her from a bench. The lake was quite deep where the ducks lived and he didn’t want her falling in. An hour or so later they went home for tea.

Not long afterwards the rumours began.  Before long, neighbours were knocking on the door demanding to know why Greg was spying on young girls in the park.  Yvonne knew that he was only watching Chelsea to ensure she was safe and not in danger of hurting herself. But the neighbours started shouting “paedophile” at him every time they opened the door.  Living on a mobile home park it was a tight community and frightening.  It got so bad that they had graffiti sprawled across their home and eggs were thrown at them when they went out.

The neighbours made it clear they wanted them to leave.  Yvonne, with her heart in her mouth decided to visit one of the most prominent families on the site.  She asked whether they would accept the results of a lie detector test, if Greg took one. They said they would.

Basildon lie detector test

Our polygraph examiner visited Greg and Yvonne at their home.  Yvonne took Chelsea shopping whilst the polygraph examination took place.

2 hours later Yvonne returned home and was over the moon to learn that Greg had passed the test with flying colours.  Deep down she knew he would but it was nice to have it confirmed.  24 hours later they were emailed the fully analysed, peer reviewed report. Yvonne printed it and took the results to the family she had spoken to.

The family let everyone know on the site that Greg was innocent. The couple had so many visits from other residents during the week after the test. They brought food, home-made wine and lots of apologies. The graffiti was scrubbed from their mobile home and the couple have now been warmly welcomed into the community.

Greater London/Home Counties Polygraph Service

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