August 2020 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

Aug 31, 2021

August 2020 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

Our August 2020 lie detector test news roundup is packed full of case studies and issues that many of us can relate to. Polygraph results have caused some marriages and relationships to be saved. Others resulted in separations. We have also included stories in the media that we think will be of interest to our readers.

Fertility suspicions, Historical sexual abuse, Domestic abuse

2 August – Our client became suspicious when, despite watching the fertility clock, his wife didn’t become pregnant. Ultimately those suspicions led to an Exeter lie detector test. Click here to learn how the test resolved his issue.

2 August – Daughter of 13-year-old mother raped in 1970s wins justice at last. Daisy, 45, overcame years of police inaction after persuading her mother to testify against Carvel Bennett. More details on this long overdue prosecution can be accessed by clicking here

3 August – Dizzee Rascal, the award-winning rapper and producer whose real name is Dylan Mills, has been charged with assaulting a woman following a domestic dispute.

False allegations, Theft, Affair with Stepfather

4 August – Warwick lie detector test vindicates best friend after she intervened in a relationship with the best possible intentions.

5 August – East Midlands polygraph examiner answers “Can I get a Lie Detector Test near me, to disprove false allegations?” This query related to a car accident and we are happy to report that we have nationwide offices available.

6 August – West Midlands polygraph examiner responds to a query ”Can I get a Lie Detector Test for Theft in Sutton?” after a woman found a colleague stealing from her handbag.

7 August – Our client betrayed her mother’s trust by sleeping with her stepfather. The affair had been kept secret for years but was confirmed with a Kingston lie detector test.

Drug addiction, False allegations of paedophilia, Infidelity

9 August – When rumours began to circulate about her previous drug addiction they put our client’s relationship in jeopardy.  She took a lie detector test in Dorchester to prove she was clean and had been for years.

10 August – False allegations can destroy careers and entire lives but none are worse than those of paedophilia. Our client took a  Nottingham lie detector test to disprove them.

11 August – We were asked if infidelity that occurred over 15 years ago would come out in lie detector test results. Our West Midlands polygraph examiner responded.

Promiscuous boyfriend, Blame Someone Else Day, Infidelity concerns

12 August – After learning that her boyfriend had a profile on Tinder, our client ordered a Maidstone lie detector test and learned more than she bargained for.

13 August – On National Blame Someone Else Day we highlighted some of the most common issues our polygraph examiners handle when someone or something else is blamed for dishonesty.

14 August – Concerns about what a Uttoxeter Lie Detector Test might reveal were addressed by one of our UK polygraph examiners.

Mass shooting, Drug addiction, Commitment issues

15 August – A gunman who killed five people in a mass shooting in Plymouth told a teenager online that he was “bitter and jealous” and that women “treat men with zero respect or even view them as human beings”.

16 August – When a sister didn’t receive an invitation to her brother’s wedding due to her previous drug addiction problems, she took a Taunton lie detector test. The results changed her brother’s mind.

17 August – Our client was concerned about her partner’s commitment to their relationship. After a York lie detector test revealed that her partner made her living from being an online dominatrix, the couple separated.

Historical child sex abuse, Royal lie detector test invitations, False allegations

18 August – At 40, our client had come to terms with the horrendous abuse he suffered during his childhood. It had taken countless hours with a psychologist and the support of his wife. Concerns about how much his mother knew about the sexual abuse led to him ordering a Mansfield Lie Detector Test. The results were horrifying.

19 August – Given the allegations of lies swirling around the Royal Family we invited some of them to take London lie detector tests.

20 August – A teacher with the best of intentions offered extra tuition to a pupil. It ended after false allegations of sexual abuse were made against her. She took a  Poole Lie Detector Test to prove her innocence.

Sexual assault allegations, Infidelity, National Kiss and Make Up Day

23 August – Sexual assault allegations made by an expat against our client were dispelled by a Hereford lie detector test. He is now evaluating the worth of his friendships with people who believed them.

24 August – Our client ordered a Northampton lie detector test after her father said that he had slept with her fiancé. What she learned from the results shocked the family.

25 August – When infidelity occurs, it is extremely difficult to restore trust. But if you have decided to forgive you need to work hard on it. Our client learned this when a Nuneaton lie detector test exonerated her husband from the cheating she had been accusing him of.

26 August – On National Kiss and Make Up Day we looked at the good and the bad aspects of kissing and making up.

Theft, Infidelity, Cause of infidelity suspicions

27 August – After discovering that his wife was squirreling money away from his cosmetic surgery clinic he ordered a Leeds lie detector test. From the results he learned something that saved his marriage.

28 August – When his unfaithful wife wanted to come back to him our client ordered a Stratford lie detector test to establish her motivation.

30 August – A wife who was addicted to reading Agony Aunt columns, constantly accused her husband of infidelity. It resulted in him ordering a Cheltenham lie detector test for her to resolve the issue.

August 2021 lie detector test news

We hope you have enjoyed our August 2021 lie detector test news roundup but if you think we have missed something, do let us know.  As always your comments are welcome.

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