April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup

Apr 30, 2020

April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup

Our polygraph examiners have been subject to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions this month.  However, it hasn’t stopped us keeping an eye on our industry news, sharing some of our case studies and answering enquiries.  Here is our April 2020 Polygraph News Roundup.

False allegations, Effects of coronavirus lockdown, Suspected cheating Dad

3 April – When our client asked a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, permission was refused due to malicious rumours. The results from a lie detector test in Aldershot resolved the issue.

3 April – We take a look at a news story regarding the effects of the lockdown which could be considered more dangerous than coronavirus

6 April – Loughborough lie detector test query about suspected cheating Dad

Best friend’s lies, Carol Baskin case, Queen’s Easter message

8 April – Best friend’s lies lead to a request for a Luton lie detector test

10 April – Should Carol Baskin be made to take a lie detector test about her missing husband? We think so

10 April – It’s amazing what men will do when a woman gets in the way of their friendship.  Our client found out what level his friend would stoop to when he got the results of an East London lie detector test.

12 April – The Queen’s Easter message – by keeping apart, we keep each other safe

5G myth, Non essential polygraph services, Cyprus gang rape interview

14 April – Eamonn Holmes Is at the centre of controversy after casting doubts on media outlets that debunk the myth that 5G causes Coronavirus

15 April – Warning! UK lie detector tests are not essential services during the coronavirus lockdown. Click here for more

16 April – A British teenager convicted of making up gang rape claims in Cyprus speaks about ordeal in her first TV interview

Carol Baskin, Petition to close wet markets, World Health Organisation

17 April – Tiger King: Carole Baskin reveals why she won’t take a polygraph test over the husband disappearance

18 April – Sign the petition! From school closures, to job losses and economic destruction – everyone has been impacted by COVID-19. Tell China to close all wet markets

18 April – Is it time we invited the director of the World Health Organisation to take a lie detector test?

COVID-19 leak investigation, Aggressive police officer, Steven Brown killer

20 April – President Donald Trump has stated that his government is investigating unverified reports that COVID-19 was leaked from a laboratory. We share the BBC’s story here

21 April – A police officer was caught on camera threatening to “make something up” as an excuse for arresting a person he had apprehended. He also asked “Who are they going to believe, me or you? Telling lies was never going to go well for the policeman who was suspended.

22 April – Since it is believed that Steven Brown knew his killer, lie detector tests administered to those suspected the most might help solve the case.

Domestic abuse, Public mistrust in journalists, Chris Ingram possible new appeal, Coronvirus myths

22 April – There has been a huge increase in UK domestic abuse calls during the coronavirus lockdown.

25 April – A YouGov poll carried out for Sky News found that 72 percent of people don’t trust newspaper journalists on their reportage of the coronavirus. 64 percent of participants said they didn’t trust TV journalists.

27 April – New evidence has emerged in the Chris Ingram “Who wants to be a Millionaire” case.  This could lead to a further appeal.

28 April – An interesting BBC article explores “Why smart people believe coronavirus myths”.  We suggest that it is because scientists, epidemiologists and doctors around the world disagree with each other making it difficult to establish truth from lies, something the article doesn’t mention.

That’s our April 2020 polygraph news round up.  Have we missed anything?  Write in to let us know.  Keep safe and let’s hope the coronavirus lockdown won’t last too much longer.

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