Alleviate your stress on UK National Fitness Day with a Lie Detector Test

National Fitness Day means many things to many people. For some it is getting together to participate in a wide range of physical fitness activities. For others it is a day to focus on becoming mentally and emotionally fit.

Physical fitness can depend on a state of mind for some people. If you are anxious or depressed the motivation to exercise may not be there.

Stress can make you ill

Most of us experience stress in our lives but managing it is difficult. And not all stress is bad in that it can make us more alert, keep us motivated and help us to avoid danger. However, too much stress can make us ill and cause existing conditions and illnesses to become worse.

Constant stress may cause high blood pressure, pains in the chest, headaches and even upset your stomach. It can also interfere with you sleep pattern and libido. The emotional problems associated with stress include depression, anxiety and panic attacks. How you react to stress will define the damage it does.

As forensic psychologists and polygraph examiners, most people we see are suffering from stress and not the good type. Mostly our clients are suffering from stress due to the following:


Suspicions can arise for many reasons. It may be that a partner has changed their behaviour by taking calls out of your earshot. Perhaps a jewellery item has appeared on a credit card statement that isn’t near to a special event or birthday. Maybe the phone rings and your partner cuts it off rather than answers it. Sometimes a change of password without telling you might cause alarm.

One Bristol lie detector case, that our Southwest polygraph examiner dealt with, involved a woman who spent almost every waking minute trying to find out if her husband was having an affair.  She searched his pockets, scrutinised all his devices, and even followed him whenever he left the house. When she asked him if he was cheating on her, he told her he wasn’t.

The stress and anxiety of not believing him and being her own private investigator, led her to book a lie detector test for him. When he arrived for the polygraph examination he was suffering a lot of stress too. He was fed up with being constantly accused of cheating when he never had. It worried him that his stress would affect his lie detector test results. The pre-test interview took over an hour to calm him down. Adjustments were made to allow for the stress he was experiencing.

In the pre-test interview he told our examiner that his wife had begun to suspect him of cheating when he started to arrange a surprise birthday party for her.  It was a milestone birthday and he wanted to make it special. However, making arrangements for it had required a level of secrecy.

His lie detector test results showed no deception and his wife was both apologetic and relieved.

False allegations

High on the list of client stress levels is when someone makes false allegations about them. Our London polygraph examiners deal with a huge number of cases like this. In the past year there have been false allegations of rape, infidelity, sexual assault, paedophilia, child neglect and theft.

These malicious allegations destroy marriages, partnerships, careers and lives. Luckily lie detector tests taken in London and nationwide have restored many reputations.

How lie detector tests help alleviate stress

When you have a fully analysed, peer reviewed report showing that no deception was found in your polygraph results it proves your credibility. This normally stops false allegations; infidelity suspicions and any other doubt people might have related to your honesty.

If you weren’t believed about an historical sexual abuse claim, with lie detector test results the police will investigate more fully. That is a relief to anyone who feels they are not being taken seriously.

Dispelling false allegations allows your life to begin to get back to normal again. And results that show no deception in an infidelity test allow couples to lose the stress of suspicion. They can then go on to seek relationship counselling and move forward with their lives.

Booking a lie detector test

Whether you want to book a lie detector test in the West Midlands, East Midlands, London, the Southwest or elsewhere in Britain, UK National Fitness Day, is a good day to seek the truth.

Once you have the truth you can decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, stress free from the problem you experienced.

Booking a lie detector test is simple, with our secure online booking system. Or if you would like to discuss your issue confidentially with a member of our customer care team, they will be happy to take your call on our free helpline.

Use UK National Fitness Day to improve your physical and mental health.