Case Study | Allegations of Infidelity lead to Kettering Lie Detector Test

Nov 9, 2020

Allegations of Infidelity lead to Kettering Lie Detector Test

Our client’s husband is an attractive, high ranking police officer. When allegations of infidelity came to her attention, she booked a Kettering lie detector test but not for him.

Sharon’s Case

Married for over 20 years, Sharon’s life was great.  The only thing that was missing was a child but unfortunately she wasn’t able to have any. Pete, her husband may have been disappointed but if he was, he never showed it.

As a home maker Sharon was never pressured by feminist jargon to go out to work. She liked being a housewife, enjoyed tending her garden, cooking and generally looking after her husband.  An active member of the W.I. and involved in charity work she was content. However, her world was shattered when a woman phoned her one day to tell her she was having an affair with Pete. She was also pregnant she said and Pete had plans to divorce her.  She said her name was Zoe.

Trying to keep calm, Sharon asked how long the affair had been going on and the woman said “5 years”.  Zoe told her that she’d made the call because Pete was finding it difficult to tell Sharon that he wanted the divorce. Since their child was due to be born in a couple of months, Zoe decided the best way was to let her know.

After the conversation ended, Sharon thought of so many things she should have asked Zoe. Something didn’t quite ring true about the affair lasting 5 years.  They’d only been in Kettering for 2 years and before that up North.  So where had Zoe met her husband and where did she live?


Sharon waited for Pete to come home rather than call him while he was on duty.  He denied even knowing anyone called Zoe, let alone having an affair with her or anyone else for that matter. Sharon believed him on balance but why would this woman call her and lie?

Phone records showed that the number had been concealed and Pete told Sharon to let him know if she called again.

Around a month later, she called again and asked what was happening about the divorce.  Sharon said there was no divorce and that Pete had denied everything.  She then invited Zoe to take a lie detector test in Kettering. She was surprised when she agreed.

Lie detector test in Kettering

Sharon booked a polygraph examination for Zoe with us online.  Our East Midlands Polygraph Examiner formulated the questions to be asked with information provided by Sharon.

Zoe turned up for the test and it proved that she was having an affair with a policeman called ‘Pete’. The surname (not disclosed to protect client confidentiality) was the same.  She lived near to Kettering and her lover turned up regularly.  He had even given her the phone number to call Sharon.

However, when presented with a photograph of Pete she said it wasn’t him.

Mystery man

Pete was annoyed with Sharon for arranging the test.  Did she really not believe him he asked? But what was done, was done.  The next time the other ‘Pete’ turns up, Zoe has been instructed to call the real Pete’s private number.

We can’t wait to hear who this man is and why he is impersonating our client’s husband.

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