Alfie says a Dog is for Life not just for Christmas

The Lie Detector Test UK mascot, Alfie, is only 9 weeks old and hasn’t yet mastered the art of writing. However, he represents a true example of a dog is for life and not just for Christmas ethic. We will all grow old together.

A dog is for life and not just for Christmas

This iconic phrase coined in 1978 always gives us the hope these words are instilled in the minds of parents when their children are begging them for a four legged companion. They promise to love and cherish their pet for years to come. Unfortunately, the phrase is not acknowledged as much as we would hope, and an astonishing number of dogs are abandoned just weeks after Christmas day.

Research by UK charity Dog’s Trust shows that their centres in Glasgow and West Calder alone recorded 703 individuals who wanted to get rid of their pets, just after December 2016. All over the UK this amounted to a whopping 3,596 irresponsible pet owners who called the nationwide centres every 5 minutes.

The idea of a child having a pet is not just to make them happy and give them a forever friend to play with. We also buy the pet of choice as a learning opportunity for kids. They must feed, walk and care for their pet, and this stands them in great stead for their lives and relationships in adult life. Dogs, in particular, are hard but rewarding work. Unfortunately the child often gets bored shortly after the cute, fluffy puppy stage. Some parents take over the care of the family dog and for most children this is a relief. Others decide to rid the animal from their lives entirely. The emotional damage this can cause for a dog is unbearable, with many suffering trust issues for their new family in future life. If they are lucky enough to find a new forever home that is.

A Dog’s Love

Dogs love you unconditionally, they protect and worship you. If you own a dog, call them over right as your reading this and look into their eyes. You can literally see your faithful friend’s adoration and respect for you. How so many people can break the bond a young puppy makes with its new family is beyond belief and heartbreaking.

When you buy or adopt a dog, even when you take in a stray from the streets, research is key. Is this particular breed suitable for your family? How much exercise does it need? Do they require grooming or a special diet? These things are often forgotten by impulsive buyers and the dog is re-homed, left at a shelter or even abandoned in the street.

UK charity Dog’s Trust recorded some of the most ridiculous reasons people no longer wanted their pet a few days after Christmas. Below are just a few examples of how uncaring they were:

  1. My dog is a carnivore and I am vegetarian, having meat in the house makes me uncomfortable and it is not fair to give a dog a meat free diet. This excuse implies they are giving the animal up for the dog’s sake, when in honesty it is their own selfish reasons. 
  1. Someone bought the dog for me as a secret Santa present from work. Who would buy a dog for a work colleague as a present? 
  1. I wanted a dog that would sleep with me all night. She is not interested and remains in her own bed. A responsible dog owner would be happy with this obedient little angel, but not this person clearly. 
  1. The dog wants to meet and greet every person they come into contact with, even other dogs and I find she’s too friendly. This dog is clearly socialised and very happy but this is not good enough for her bad owner.

It would be wonderful if shelters had the facility to give adopters a lie detector test to ensure they are buying a dog for the right reasons. Sadly, this isn’t a service they are able to provide. Lie detector tests cannot be administered to establish someone’s intentions. They may have good intentions at the time but later on, when the hard work starts, these change. And this happens far more frequently than most realise. The Dog’s Trust created the video “Why I left you” in the hope the message will get across for this Christmas. Humorous at times, this powerful message should be a lesson to us all. You can watch the video below:

Christmas Lie Detector Test

Pets are like family to us, be they old friends or a new addition. Do you fear your friend or family member is responsible for the mistreatment or abandonment of their pets? Contact Lie Detector Test UK to find out exactly what’s been happening. We are not just here for the mistreatment of animals but to help you in all aspects of love, life and marriage.

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From all of us at Lie Detector Test UK, we would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and deception free New Year.