Private Investigators in the UK offer a range of services to their clients most of which they carry out themselves.  However, if polygraph services are required professional private detectives use accredited lie detector test providers unless they employ a qualified examiner in-house.

The best private investigation firms employ ex forces personnel and often use polygraph services in their pre-employment screening process. This ensures that their employees ares of the highest quality and integrity.

Accredited lie detector test providers safeguard your reputation

Lie Detector Test UK works with many private investigation agencies across the UK, ensuring their clients get the best service possible. Reputations can stand or fall on the services agencies provide so here is why they use us:

Polygraph test booking times

In many investigations speed is of the essence.  Being able to book a test quickly and online appeals to our private investigator client base.

A normal test will take up to 2 hours. The examiner can go to the client’s home, or if they prefer to one of our nationwide offices.


Lie detector test results are not usually admissible in courts unless the judge decides to allow them as part of other supportive evidence.  However, the results can save detectives wasting time when results show that someone is lying in a case they have been asked to work on.  The analogy that the client is always right is not necessarily true in private investigation work.  If a client is lying from the start, the detective may decide not to take the case.

After each test a full report is produced for the agency.  Only the private investigator will have sight of the results unless we are instructed otherwise.

Cases where polygraph tests are useful

Broadly private investigators mainly work in the following three areas where tests can be used to ascertain the honesty of witnesses or clients:

Fraudulent Accident and Insurance Claims

When working on fraudulent claims the detective can easily solve a case by getting the suspected fraudulent claimant to submit to a polygraph examination.

Infidelity and Bigamy Allegations

If a partner in a marriage or relationship refuses to take a lie detector test, detectives know that further, deeper investigation is needed to prove infidelity or bigamy.  However, agreement to take a test could easily wrap the case up.

Theft in the workplace

Often when an employer can’t ascertain who is stealing from the, private investigators are hired as ‘employees’.  The detective will work in the company until they establish the identity of a potential thief.  At this stage the alleged perpetrator can be asked to take a test.

We have an enviable reputation which has been built over many years as professional, discreet and accredited lie detector test providers.  If your agency needs polygraph services you can be assured of our confidentiality.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you.