When teenagers come home with new items that they can’t possibly afford, it’s natural that parents worry. Our Aberdeen Polygraph Examiner responded to a concerned mother.

Q: I’m worried that my daughter is having an affair with her boss who is married. Can you help?

My daughter Bella is 17 years old and I’m concerned she may be shoplifting or worse still, she’s taking gifts from someone I don’t know very well. She is at college studying business and has a Saturday job in a local hairdresser’s. Her boss is a bit of a sleaze, married and a lot older than her, but he pays her well for the time she’s there and she seems happy. I’ve voiced my concerns to her but she’s says she can handle him so I’ve left It at that.

The problem is she’s been coming home with new clothes, jewellery, make up and shoes. She doesn’t earn enough for the things I find in her room and I’m concerned about where she’s getting this stuff from. Bella hangs around with a local girl who has been caught shoplifting before and this is why I’m worried about theft.

Unfortunately, her boss also pays Bella a lot of attention and this makes me concerned he’s buying this stuff for her. If he is, is she doing something for it she shouldn’t be or is he grooming her to get her to do something she shouldn’t?

I have asked her about it and she always says she gets things cheap from eBay. She gets them delivered to her work as she knows someone is always there. I only go out once a week, so there’s no reason for her to get things delivered there. Could a lie detector test help me determine which of these is the problem or if she’s telling the truth?  My feeling is that it won’t be too difficult to get her to take the test, as I will tell her it is my intention to speak to her boss’s wife if she refuses.

J Y., Aberdeen

Response from our Aberdeen Polygraph Examiner

I can understand how worrying this must be for you.  Young girls can be dazzled by older men showering them with gifts and invariably such men are married. These relationships almost always end in tears.

Shoplifting could impact negatively on her career prospects if she is caught so it is important that you establish the truth.

Lie Detector Test in Aberdeen

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