A Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for Unromantic Partners

According to recent research the least romantic men in the UK can be found in Chelmsford, Nottingham, Brighton and Manchester. So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner here is a guide to Valentine’s Day gifts for unromantic partners.

Most people know Valentine’s Day is a time when we celebrate relationships and give heartfelt gifts to our loved ones. These may be chocolates, flowers or a lovely piece of Jewellery. Valentine’s gifts such as these are often received with a warm welcome but what happens when your partner gets it wrong. Let’s take a look at gifts some people have received that were less than welcome.

Garage Flowers

A bunch of flowers that have clearly been bought last minute, often with the discounted tag still attached. This shows no thought has gone into the present and that your partner probably forgot it was Valentine’s Day until the last minute.

Household appliances

We often say how we’d love a slow cooker or hand-held vacuum cleaner. These are things we would like, not things that we want as a gift for a special occasion. This screams out that we are either untidy or you feel like we should do more around the house.

A Jewellery Box

Now this is a nice gift, as long as there is a piece of jewellery inside. More often than not there isn’t, which just says you cared enough to give me something to put all of my own jewellery in, but you didn’t care enough to buy me actual jewellery.

Gifts that are just plain boring

A new mug for your coffee or a hat and scarf spring to mind. These gifts should be reserved for stocking fillers at Christmas, not on the most romantic day of the year.


Many of us say that we don’t want to bother with gifts for Valentine’s Day but we don’t mean it. Romantics will always get the person in their lives something special. When this “off the cuff” comment is made, we hope that our partner won’t actually take it literally. I mean, come on who doesn’t want a thoughtful gift on this special day.

Be honest

Women in particular need to take some responsibility for not getting the Valentine’s Day gifts that they want. Often women expect men to know what they are thinking. Many modern men know that if she says there is nothing wrong, there usually is. Saying she’s not bothered about a gift normally means she is! So ladies help your unromantic men out and be honest. Make sure he knows what you are expecting for Valentine’s Day. If he has been promising to buy you an eternity ring for years say something like “Sunday is Valentine’s Day. I’d love you to get me that eternity ring you have been promising me”. Being honest and direct may be the only way to influence the unromantic men of Chelmsford, Nottingham, Brighton and Manchester!

With Covid restrictions a romantic evening in a restaurant is out of the question so plan a special candle lit meal at home.  If you have children put them to bed at a reasonable time so that you can enjoy quality time with your partner.

Valentine’s Day is ideal for showing your other half that you are not complacent about your relationship. A time when you can demonstrate that you love each other as much as you did when you married or first got together.  A single rose is lovely but will never have the same impact as a love letter and a diamond!

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