5 Fascinating Facts about the Lie Detector

Aug 8, 2022

The lie detector or polygraph machine has come into the limelight over recent years because of TV reality shows. The Jerry Springer Show in the USA and the Jeremy Kyle Show in the UK have made the general public more aware of them.

Many people believe that the technology is relatively new but actually lie detection machinery has existed for much longer than you might believe. Here are some facts about the lie detector you might find interesting:

1. The first lie detector

Invented in 1906 by Sir James McKenzie (a cardiologist) it took several years to enhance and develop the technology to create the polygraph machine that we use today. Both John Larson (a police officer) and William Moulton Marston (a psychologist) have been credited with developing the modern lie detector. Marston incorporated the systolic blood pressure test into the lie detector test.

2. Accuracy

86 years after it was invented the polygraph was computerised. This improved its accuracy and effectiveness. Most experts are generally of the opinion that, when conducted by a qualified professional examiner, the test is approximately 98 percent accurate.

Despite other methods of lie detection being available, none match the accuracy of the polygraph.

3. Lie detectors are not just for reality shows

Polygraph testing is used across a broad spectrum of industries including:

  • In the recruitment process
  • Police
  • Private investigation
  • Intelligence services
  • Security agencies
  • The Military

4. Examiners

Although polygraph machines can be purchased by anyone, without the services of a fully trained and qualified examiner, it is pointless buying one. Those who criticise the test as being unreliable are usually looking at results produced by inexperienced and unqualified examiners. High on the list of skills required to become a polygraph examiner are analytics and communication. Preparation for the test is paramount to obtaining an accurate result.

5. Structured Testing

The Hollywood projection of suspects being wired up to a lie detector machine with the subject asked a question could not be further from the truth.

Polygraph testing takes hours and only commences after the test has been carefully designed and structured. Choosing the questions to ask in order to produce accurate results is an art!

If you would like more information about our lie detection services and how they can work for you please contact us. Our highly qualified and friendly staff will be happy to discuss any aspect of polygraph testing with you. Perhaps you feel your suspicions are unjustified and you might waste our time but since our advice is free, you have nothing to lose by hearing it.

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