3 Big Reasons that Motivate people to Lie

Aug 9, 2022

You might imagine that the only reasons people lie are because they have something to hide or have committed a crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are so many reasons that motivate people to lie that a fairly large book could be written about them.

By understanding why some people are dishonest it’s easier to spot the fibs. Here are 3 fairly common motivations:

1. A boring life

A typical example of the boring life scenario is that of an expat living abroad for the first time. You would be amazed by how many brain surgeons and flying doctors you can meet in a Spanish or French bar. Where no one knows them they can reinvent their lives to be anything they want to be. Someone who had the most mundane of jobs in Britain can enchant an audience with tales of what their life never was. They may say have rescued people from the brink of death. Perhaps they have won medals for exceptional bravery in the field of human conflict. You can guarantee that whatever they have done, will always be infinitely superior to anything you have done.
Quite often they will choose an occupation that no one in the group has any knowledge of, such as Nuclear Scientist. If they happen to meet someone who coincidentally really had that occupation, the liar will either leave or change the subject rapidly.
So strong is the drive to become something they are not, they may invest in Bluffer’s Guides. These small books give just enough information to make you sound like you know what you are talking about, unless a real expert is in the room. When you consider that more than 5 million of these guides have sold globally, it’s a good indication of how many liars there actually are in the field of life reinvention!
If you meet someone like this a good birthday or Christmas gift would be a lie detector test. The results could be shared at a surprise party!

2. Apologists and Appeasers

Many people will keep the peace at all costs. Your friends should tell you the truth no matter how hard it might be to hear. The good ones will but some won’t. The latter are often flattering when you know the dress you just bought really doesn’t suit you or you made a mistake with a hair style or colour.
Liars will agree with you rather than have any form of conflict. Although white lies may have their place sometimes it’s necessary to be honest, no matter how hurtful it may be. Liars are not people you need in your life.

3. Attention Seeker Fraudsters

There are two types of attention seeker. Those who feel they are not getting enough of the limelight and those who seek to defraud you.
Small children have been known to throw tantrums to get attention but usually grow out of it when they are older. As adults, attention seekers come up with all sorts of ways to be noticed.
Social media provides the ideal platform for these people. Some may falsely claim to be suffering from terminal cancer. Others may have suffered fake bereavements. It is quite astounding how low an attention seeker will go to get noticed. Often they want your sympathy but sometimes your money too. Hundreds of people have been scammed when sent pictures of “dying” relatives propped up in hospital beds.
Unless you know a person very well, posts claiming any of the above should be treated with extreme suspicion. A good suggestion for would be fraudsters is to ask them to take a private lie detector test – you’ll never hear from them again!
More reasons that motivate people to lie
Keep an eye on our blog for more posts about reasons that motivate people to lie; liars and lie detector tests. If you already suspect you have a liar in your life contact us about our amazing truth finding services!

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